UVa CS Tea Time


Tea time is a great chance to talk with other people in the department! We offer free food and drink every week. Please consider hosting tea time if you enjoy the event.


The tea time schedule is available on the front page: https://csgsg.org.

How to host tea time

  • Please contact TeaTime Czar if you volunteer to host tea time.
  • You may order food and drinks by phone, on the Internet or visiting the restaurants/stores in advance. You don’t have to wait until Friday to place the food order. Food delivery service is recommended for saving your time.
  • Please try to search coupons before placing orders. We typically get at least 25% off on pizza orders, sometimes 45% off. The extra large size and square cut are strongly recommended.
  • You may request some tableware (plates, cups, forks and napkins) for free in your food order message. Extra tea time supplies are stored in a cabinet in Rice 442.
  • Ask your buddy to help move the food to the tea time location and do the cleaning after tea time. You can also borrow a cart from the CS office to save labor.
  • You would be eligible to have a temporary T4 parking permit if the food delivery service is not available. Ask TeaTime Czar for the permit.

How to get reimbursed

  • The current teatime budget is only $250. Please try your best to get a good deal on food orders.
  • However, we typically spend $150 - $200 for the summer weeks due to fewer people in Rice.
  • You may pay with your own credit card and get reimbursed later from the front office.
  • Please print and fill a reimbursement form and turn it in to the front office with the original receipts.