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This page features an Apartment Listing Guide, Study Spots, Things to do in Charlottesville and a list of Outdoor/Hiking Locations.

Apartment Listing Guide

One of the hardest parts about moving anywhere is finding out where to live! Charlottesville is not a huge town, and renting many apartments sells out quickly. That being said, we have all been able to find reasonable housing . Here is a quick guide to give you some ideas about spots to check out*.

The most important thing to note is that the Engineering portion of UVA is located off of Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA). The address for Rice Hall, the main CS building is Rice Hall Information Technology Engineering Building, 22904, 85 Engineer’s Way, Charlottesville, VA 22903. Obtaining a parking pass can be very difficult (not to mention super expensive) and for this reason we suggest walking, biking or taking the bus to campus. The bus system in Charlottesville is extremely good, and there is a UVA-specific bus system and a city metro bus that is free to UVA students with their id. As such, it is no issue to live further away from campus as long as you are near a bus line.

On Campus. There are a couple on campus housing options you can peruse here. These may be located all over campus (not necessarily right next to engineering) but there is a reliable UVA bus system that goes from the apartments to other locations across campus.

Near CS & Engineering Block. Shamrock Corp has a couple apartment complexes close to engineering: Cavalier Court apartments are probably the closest (about a <10 min walk from there to Rice Hall). Carratt and Landmark are the second closest. These properties are old and not the most luxurious but they are super cheap.

You can also check MSC for individual rental properties These tend to be a bit closer to Engineering (within walking distance). Look for places off of Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA) if you want something super close to engineering.

South of Campus. South of campus there is Eagle’s Landing and Jefferson Ridge. These are further away from campus (about a 10ish minute drive from engineering) but are located more in the woods with more privacy and less traffic. Eagle’s Landing is affordable and has a free shuttle to campus, and Jefferson Ridge is a little more expensive, and does not have a shuttle to campus. Near there is also 5th St Place apartments and The Woodlands apartments.

Main Street. There are also apartments off of Main Street that have easy access to the bus stations. These are farther from engineering (towards the top of campus) but close to the downtown mall and the buses are reliable and free to UVA students. These apartments also tend to be a bit more expensive, but Lark on Main is the suggested one.

UVA Off Grounds Housing. Finally, if you are in need of roommates, you can check out the UVA off campus housing search website. They list open apartments and also have a roommate matching service where you can find other UVA students to live with (both undergrad + grad). You should be able to create an account using your UVA credentials.

*Note: None of these are “officially” endorsed by CSGSG or the CS department, but they may provide you with some ideas about where to check out housing!

Study Places

There are many very nice UVA libraries around campus. Check out this page to find a library near you, as well as various study spaces around campus.

“Must See” Charlottesville Spots

  • Carter Mountain Orchard - A beautiful hilltop, family-owned farm, come pick various fruits that are in season, snack on cider donuts and enjoy the view. In the summer, they host a “Sunset series” where local artists play music and you can drink cider, eat food from their grill and enjoy the sunset. This family also owns two other farms nearby you can visit.
  • Montecello - Probably the most famous historical site in Charlottesville, come check out Thomas Jefferson’s house.
  • Montpelier - Check out James Madison’s house
  • Charlottesville Historic Downtown Mall - Check out the historic mall area that has shops, restaurants, bars, old-timey theaters and more!
  • VA Loveworks - Located all over Virginia, be on the lookout for large “LOVE” signs, each one a different design and style. You can find a complete map of the over 200 signs here.
  • Virginia Wineries, Breweries, Distilleries and Cideries - Charlottesville and Virginia have a TON of local wines, beers, liquours and cider places to enjoy. Check out the link for a full listing of places you can visit and sample.

More fun things to do can be found here.

Outdoor / Hiking Locations

In the City:

  • UVA’s Fox Haven Trails - If you prefer to walk/run through stately homes, check out the Foxhaven paved trails through the Bellair neighborhood.
  • Rivanna Trail - Many connecting walking trails through Charlottesville city.
  • Ivy Creek Natural Area - Beautiful trails and natural area with lakes and streams to wander through.
  • Sugar Hollow Dam and Reservoir - A nice lake with a couple of trails and fishing.
  • Walnut Creek Park - A cute park with picnic areas and biking, hiking and running trails.
  • Saunders-Montecello Trail - Located at Montecello, there are many beautiful hiking trails through the forest, across a well-kept boardwalk and through a farm. There is plenty here to keep you busy!

Outside the City Limits:

  • Shenandoah National Forest - There are many nice hiking trails, overlooks and camping spots here. This National park is only about an hour from campus. Old Rag Trail is a moderate-strenuous suggested hike. Skyline Drive (road to one of the park entrances) is also a very beautiful drive.
  • Sherando Lake - A beautiful Lake Recreation Area in the Shenandoah Park.
  • Beaver Creek Reservoir- A short 15 minute drive from Cville, check out this quiet reservoir that has fishing.
  • Mint Springs Valley Park - A cute little lake area with some short trails around the water.