CSGSG 2018 Election

We have started the CS Graduate Student Group Steering Committee (CSGSGSC) 2018 election! Look forward to a new group of officers serving our community soon.


We have started voting on December 4, 2018 till 11:59pm Friday, 12/07/2018.

Election Campaign

Candidate Nomination

Any member of the CSGSG is eligible for nomination to CSGSGSC, provided he/she receives at least one nomination from either a member of the CSGSG (may be the nominee her/himself) or faculty from the Department of Computer Science. If that member accepts nomination, she/he will be placed on the ballot.

The nomination of this year is due by 11:59pm (ET) Monday, November 19, 2018.

Expired __Click to nominate your officer candidates.__

We have got seven confirmed candidates this year (sorted alphabetically):

  • Ashley Gao
  • Josephine Lamp
  • Jack Lanchantin
  • Hong Jik Lee
  • Ahmadreza Rahimi
  • Lahiru Wijayasingha
  • Qingyun Wu

Candidates, start your officer campaign now! Please contact Weilin if you would like to add a link to your campaign page.

In addition, we are planing a town hall meeting on November 29, 2018. You will have a chance to advertise your compaign there!